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Shapes of Illumination

There are many important and urgent issues to attend to in this world and We are each by the light of Our lives called to connect to one another as truth bearers much like Shawn Wilson’s vision in his book "Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods" where we as points of lights... I imagine growing in illumination the more connections we are able to make and by which together the world grows brighter.

“The lights are coming into being as fast as you can imagine, and as you build your web of relationships, slowly these infinitely small threads of relationship are building up into something resembling a form around you…a point where thousands and millions of relationships come together. These relationships come to you from the past, and from the present and from the future. We could not be, without being in relationship with everything that surrounds us and is within us” (Wilson 76).

“We can each have our own Voice

Speak our own Truth

Tell our own Story” Frye Jean Graveline